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Domestic Airlines
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South Africa is a country full of amazing destinations, each with their own unmistakably delicious flavour. Each visitor to, and even each resident of the beautiful Republic of South Africa has no excuse but to travel and experience its many wonders. And undeniably, the most convenient way to travel from one part of South Africa to another is definitely to fly there.

South Africa has 7 major domestic airlines, besides numerous charter airlines, that offer flights between most of South Africa’s major cities and towns.

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These main domestic airlines are:

South African Airways - the national airline and longest running airline in South Africa.

SA Airlink – a private airline that became a partner of SAA in 1997.

South African Express – established in 1994, a partner of SAA since 1997.

British Airways – which is operated within South Africa by Comair since 1996.

1time – the country’s second low-cost carrier started in 2004.

Mango – South Africa’s newest budget airline, owned by SAA, started operating in 2006.

Kulula – the first low-cost, single class carrier, established in 2001 and owned by Comair.

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These domestic airlines fly to a number of diverse destinations. South Africa’s 11 main airports are situated in Cape Town, Durban, George, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Upington, Pilanesburg, and Johannesburg. Johannesburg has two airports; O.R Tambo International and an independent airport in Lanseria. A number of smaller towns also have their own airports, including Nelspruit, Mata Mata, Hoedspruit, Pietermaritzberg, Mafikeng, Richards Bay and many more.

If you are a businessman who needs to fly to the commerce capitals of our country, numerous flights are offered to and from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. But for the holiday maker, many smaller towns and cities can be flown to, from Pilanesburg to Polokwane to Pietermaritzberg.

If you enjoy the ocean breeze and the sea sand, why not fly over to Port Elizabeth, East London or George. If you’re looking for a slightly quieter holiday destination, pop in to Kimberley, Upington, Nelspruit or Bloemfontein. And if you need to go to Johannesburg, but you’re not feeling up to facing long queues and large crowds at O.R Tambo International Airport, why not fly from the fast and efficient Lanseria airport, just west of Johannesburg?

How about a holiday to a nearby country? Visit Mauritius, enjoy the splendour of Victoria Falls or the wilderness of Zambia. Routes to these incredible destinations are also provided by a number of our domestic airlines.

But what if you want to go on an international trip? Would you like to see Paris, New York or perhaps even the Far East? South African Airways and British Airways both offer flights to all six inhabited continents on earth.

Numerous routes criss-cross our country, our region and even the world between all these destinations and more, but not all airlines offer flights on all these routes. So, if you know where you want to go to, but don’t know how to get there, why not use our online booking comparison service? It’s quick and easy.

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