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1Time Airlines
Image of 1Time Airlines

1Time is a term commonly heard on South African streets, meaning “for real” or “genuinely”. That is why, when a low cost airline started up in South Africa back in 2004, they called themselves 1Time, because their prices “genuinely” were so reasonable!

1Time was South Africa’s second low-cost carrier and was started in January 2004 by 1Time Holdings. They saw an opportunity with the South African currency being strong and airplane costs being low and jumped right into the market to provide South African travelers with exactly what they wanted: low cost air travel.

Operation of 1Time airlines started in February 2004 and they initially offered 3 daily return flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, but quickly expanded their network to provide for the demand generated by their ever-growing passenger base. They now carry up to 120 000 passengers per month to 6 domestic destinations.

The services offered by 1Time now also include discounted accommodation at their City Lodge and Southern Sun accommodation partners, as well as special fares when hiring a car from Avis. To qualify for these discounts, all you have to do is quote your 1Time flight booking confirmation code.

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1Time Fleet:

1Time fly a single type of aircraft so that entire crew are familiar with it. Their entire fleet consist of MD80 type aircraft, which are considered to be of the safest commercial jets in the world, and can carry up to 150 passengers each.

The eCheck-In service provided by 1Time allows passengers to book their preferred seat online within 24 hours before their flight departs, on condition that they do not need to book in luggage and are not passengers that require assistance.

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On board services

Food and beverages are sold on all flights and range from healthy sandwiches and bagels to chips and chocolates. A special cheese platter from Fairview, with a glass of wine from Zorgvliet Estate is also available for purchase. All perishables are delivered to 1Time on the morning of the flight.

Complimentary kiddies’ activity packs are provided to all children under 12 years. Included in the pack is a copy of the current month’s 1time Buzz magazine, especially produced for 1Time’s younger passengers. There is a monthly colouring-in competition open to children, who can win a 1Time hamper.

The 1Time in-flight magazine is called aboutTime. It is an A5 sized informative magazine, which covers topics from celebrities to destinations to entertainment.


1Time offers an extensive network of routes throughout South Africa on the following domestic routes:

Cape Town to Johannesburg

Cape Town to Durban

Cape Town to Port Elizabeth

Cape Town to East London

Johannesburg to Cape Town

Johannesburg to Durban

Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth

Johannesburg to East London

Johannesburg to George

Durban to Johannesburg

Durban to Cape Town

Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg

Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

East London to Johannesburg

East London to Cape Town

George to Johannesburg

1Time also offers regional flights from Johannesburg’s O.R Tambo International Airport to the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania, as well as to Livingstone in Zambia.

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