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British Airways
Image of British Airways

British Airways is the flagship carrier of the United Kingdom, and was formed in 1974. Through the years, they built a truly impressive internationally flight network as well as international reputation for unrivalled service. Perhaps their most well known link with luxury was being one of only two airlines to operate the Concorde aircraft (along with Air France) between 1976 and 2003.

In an effort to expand their reach even further, British Airways chose Comair Limited to become their South African franchise partner in 1996. Comair had itself been established in 1946 and started offering its own domestic flights in 1992. After signing the agreement with BA, Comair became known as British Airways Comair and they now bear British Airway’s colours and branding and handle flights in British Airway’s Southern African region.

British Airways within South Africa is particularly popular among foreign travelers, especially holiday makers and traveling businessmen, since it is a well reputed brand the world over and it offers full service flights.

In 2000, British Airways could proudly say that they offered the most legroom of all South Africa’s domestic airlines and in 2004, for the fourth time in five years, British Airways was voted the Best Domestic Airline by the Association of South African Travel Agents.

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British Airways Fleet:

British Airways - Comair’s fleet consists of 15 Boeing 737’s. These consist of 3 Boeing 737-200’s, 9 Boeing 737-300’s received from Quantas airlines and 7 Boeing 737-400s acquired from British Airways. These aircraft replaced the former fleet of MD82’s. They are more fuel efficient, require less maintenance and they are quieter during take-off and landing. The Boeing 737-300’s can accommodate the most passengers, with a maximum of 94 in Economy Class and 22 in Business Class.

Passengers are allowed to choose their seat at the time of booking, and they are able to change it at any time until they check in at the airport.

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On board services

Since British Airways prides itself as a full service airline, they offer either a hot meal or a snack on all their flights, which is included in the ticket price. What meal or snack is served on each flight depends on the length of the flight as well as the time of day. Complimentary drinks are available throughout all flight.


British Airways is proud to be one of only 8 airlines worldwide that fly to all 6 inhabited continents, with thorough networks of flights within each region they serve.

Domestically within South Africa, British Airways, through its franchisee Comair, serves the following routes:

Johannesburg to Cape Town

Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth

Johannesburg to Durban

Durban to Johannesburg

Durban to Cape Town

Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg

Cape Town to Johannesburg

Cape Town to Durban

British Airways Comair also offers regional flights from Johannesburg to Harare in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, Windhoek in Namibia and Livingstone in Zambia.

Flights are also offered out of Johannesburg’s O.R Tambo International Airport and Cape Town International Airport to London’s Heathrow airport. Both of these routes are operated by British Airways themselves.

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