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Online Flight Comparisons in South Africa

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We offer an easy-to-use online flight booking comparison service. You no longer need to search each airline’s website individually to compare their best prices; we do that all for you! Save money, and more importantly, save valuable time by searching for flights, comparing prices and booking your preferred flights all on one simple website.

Since our system is linked directly to all the airline websites, we assure you that the prices you see in our search results are exactly the same prices as those that appear on the airline’s website. You are actually dealing directly with the respective airlines; we are just making it easier for you to do so.

We know that individuals who enjoy traveling do not enjoy the hassle of looking up airline prices, especially not when faced with the wide selection of airlines for flights to exotic and mystical destinations overseas, therefore we offer our online booking comparison service for both Domestic and International Flights.

All you need to do is tell the system where you want to fly from, where you want to fly to, on what date you wish to fly and how many seats you would like on that flight. And that’s all there is to it. Our system will then meticulously sort through multiple airline databases and provide you with a thorough lists of the options available to you. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Domestic Airlines

South Africa is proud to have 7 major domestic airlines, as well as numerous smaller airlines that offer chartered flights. Their services allow people to visit holiday destinations across South Africa in style and comfort.

South Africa’s national carrier is SAA (South African Airways), which has formed an aviation network with both South African Express and SA Airlink. British Airways is operated by Comair in South Africa. South Africa also has 3 low-cost, single-class carriers: Kulula, 1time and Mango, which is run by SAA.

All of these airlines offer flights between all of South Africa’s major cities and some smaller towns. A number of these airlines also offer flights to nearby destinations in neighbouring countries, while South African Airways and British Airways offer flights to all 6 inhabited continents of the world.

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Airports in South Africa:

South Africa currently has 11 major airports. These include the three main international airports: O.R Tambo (formerly known as Johannesburg International), Durban International and Cape Town International. The other 8 domestic airports are Bloemfontein (in the Free State), Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape), Upington (Northern Cape), George (Western Cape), East London (Eastern Cape), Kimberley (Northern Cape), Pilanesburg (North West Province) and Lanseria (Gauteng).

All of the above airports are operated by the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), with the exception of Lanseria, which is privately operated.

In addition to these major airports, most of the country’s smaller towns and cities also have their own airports or airstrips which are independently operated and are usually serviced by small charter airlines or independent pilots and planes.

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